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Savoy House Lighting 6-1043-3-109

MPN: 6-1043-3-109

Savoy House Lighting 6-1043-3-109 Semi Flush Polished Nickel Penrose
842 in stock

Kichler Lighting 42386AP

MPN: 42386AP

Kichler 42386AP Lacey Semi Flush Antique Pewter
264 in stock

Savoy House Lighting 6-7003-8-77

MPN: 6-7003-8-77

Savoy House Lighting 6-7003-8-77 Semi Flush Bronze with Brass Accents Lyrique
285 in stock

Kichler Lighting 42387AP

MPN: 42387AP

Kichler 42387AP Lacey Semi Flush Antique Pewter
133 in stock

Savoy House Lighting 6-1043-3-SN

MPN: 6-1043-3-SN

Savoy House Lighting 6-1043-3-SN Semi Flush Satin Nickel Penrose
1006 in stock

Kichler Lighting 3623NI

MPN: 3623NI

Kichler 3623NI Dover Semi Flush Brushed Nickel
771 in stock

Savoy House Lighting 6-1043-3-13

MPN: 6-1043-3-13

Savoy House Lighting 6-1043-3-13 Semi Flush English Bronze Penrose
1217 in stock

Kichler Lighting 42386MIZ

MPN: 42386MIZ

Kichler 42386MIZ Lacey Semi Flush Mission Bronze
722 in stock

Kichler Lighting 43691NI

MPN: 43691NI

Kichler Lighting 43691NI Semi Flush Brushed Nickel Steel Shailene
489 in stock

Savoy House Lighting 6-6053-2-13

MPN: 6-6053-2-13

Savoy House Lighting 6-6053-2-13 Semi Flush English Bronze Tulsa
203 in stock

Kichler Lighting 42296OZ

MPN: 42296OZ

Kichler 42296OZ Aery Semi Flush 10in Olde Bronze Glass 1-light
427 in stock

Savoy House Lighting 6-7003-8-109

MPN: 6-7003-8-109

Savoy House Lighting 6-7003-8-109 Semi Flush Polished Nickel Lyrique
102 in stock

Maxim Lighting 20091FTSN

MPN: 20091FTSN

Maxim 20091FTSN Knob hill vx Semi Flush
1084 in stock

Kichler Lighting 43669NI

MPN: 43669NI

Kichler 43669NI Aubrey Semi Flush 15in Brushed Nickel 3-light
273 in stock

Kichler Lighting 42296NI

MPN: 42296NI

Kichler 42296NI Aery Semi Flush 10in Brushed Nickel Glass 1-light
81 in stock

Kichler Lighting 43232NI

MPN: 43232NI

Kichler 43232NI Camerena Semi Flush Brushed Nickel
138 in stock

Kichler Lighting 8405NI

MPN: 8405NI

Kichler 8405NI No family association Semi Flush Brushed Nickel
338 in stock

Maxim Lighting 10042FTSN

MPN: 10042FTSN

Maxim 10042FTSN Logan Semi Flush 13in
894 in stock

Kichler Lighting 42879NI

MPN: 42879NI

Kichler 42879NI Nicholson Semi Flush Brushed Nickel
668 in stock

Savoy House Lighting 6-1501-2-SN

MPN: 6-1501-2-SN

Savoy House Lighting 6-1501-2-SN Semi Flush Satin Nickel Groe
191 in stock

Kichler Lighting 43692NI

MPN: 43692NI

Kichler Lighting 43692NI Semi Flush Brushed Nickel Steel Shailene
261 in stock

Savoy House Lighting 6-7403-3-39

MPN: 6-7403-3-39

Savoy House Lighting 6-7403-3-39 Semi Flush Fossil Stone Mallory
left 8 only

Savoy House Lighting 6-574-3-13

MPN: 6-574-3-13

Savoy House Lighting 6-574-3-13 Semi Flush English Bronze Connell
left 15 only

Kichler Lighting 3718NI

MPN: 3718NI

Kichler 3718NI Cove molding top glass Semi Flush Brushed Nickel
496 in stock
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