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Elegant Lighting V7804D15C/RC

MPN: V7804D15C/RC

Elegant Lighting V7804D15C/RC Mini Chandeliers Chrome Rococo
749 in stock

Kichler Lighting 43670NI

MPN: 43670NI

Kichler 43670NI Shailene Mini Chandeliers 18in Brushed Nickel 3-light
411 in stock

RLA Kichler RL-120279

MPN: RL-120279

RLA Kichler RL-120279 Mini Chandeliers Brushed Nickel Shailene
412 in stock

Kichler Lighting 44029OZ

MPN: 44029OZ

Kichler Lighting 44029OZ Mini Chandeliers Olde Bronze Steel Winslow
46 in stock

RLA Kichler RL-260167

MPN: RL-260167

RLA Kichler RL-260167 Mini Chandeliers Olde Bronze Steel Winslow
47 in stock

Kichler Lighting 2019TZ

MPN: 2019TZ

Kichler 2019TZ Dover Mini Chandeliers Tannery Bronze
205 in stock

RLA Kichler RL-63835

MPN: RL-63835

RLA Kichler RL-63835 Mini Chandeliers Tannery Bronze Doer
206 in stock

RLA Kichler RL-260166

MPN: RL-260166

RLA Kichler RL-260166 Mini Chandeliers Brushed Nickel Steel Winslow
348 in stock

Kichler Lighting 44029NI

MPN: 44029NI

Kichler Lighting 44029NI Mini Chandeliers Brushed Nickel Steel Winslow
347 in stock

RLA Savoy House RL-252703

MPN: RL-252703

Mini Chandeliers 3 Light With Argentum Finish Candelabra Bulbs 13 inch 180 Watt
73 in stock
SAVE 10%

Savoy House Lighting 1-870-3-211

MPN: 1-870-3-211

Savoy House Lighting 1-870-3-211 Mini Chandeliers Argentum Signature
$458.00 $412.20
71 in stock

Elegant Lighting V7856D24C/RC

MPN: V7856D24C/RC

Elegant Lighting V7856D24C/RC Mini Chandeliers Chrome Verona
58 in stock

Elegant Lighting V2908D24C/RC

MPN: V2908D24C/RC

Elegant Lighting V2908D24C/RC Mini Chandeliers Chrome Sirius
left 6 only

Elegant Lighting V2908D28C/RC

MPN: V2908D28C/RC

Elegant Lighting V2908D28C/RC Mini Chandeliers Chrome Sirius
left 10 only

Elegant Lighting V7856D24GT-GT/RC


Elegant Lighting V7856D24GT-GT/RC Mini Chandeliers Golden Teak Verona
left 6 only

Elegant Lighting VECA1D18C/RC


Elegant Lighting VECA1D18C/RC Mini Chandeliers Chrome Belenus
20 in stock

Elegant Lighting V7836D20G/RC

MPN: V7836D20G/RC

Elegant Lighting V7836D20G/RC Mini Chandeliers Gold Princeton
45 in stock

Elegant Lighting V2908D28G/RC

MPN: V2908D28G/RC

Elegant Lighting V2908D28G/RC Mini Chandeliers Gold Sirius
left 8 only

Elegant Lighting V2038D26G/RC

MPN: V2038D26G/RC

Elegant Lighting V2038D26G/RC Mini Chandeliers Gold Maxime
left 15 only

Elegant Lighting V2038D32C/RC

MPN: V2038D32C/RC

Elegant Lighting V2038D32C/RC Mini Chandeliers Chrome Maxime
left 11 only

Elegant Lighting VECA1D18G/RC


Elegant Lighting VECA1D18G/RC Mini Chandeliers Gold Belenus
21 in stock

Elegant Lighting V2036D30C/RC

MPN: V2036D30C/RC

Elegant Lighting V2036D30C/RC Mini Chandeliers Chrome Maxime
left 7 only

Elegant Lighting V2025D18C/RC

MPN: V2025D18C/RC

Elegant Lighting V2025D18C/RC Mini Chandeliers Chrome Galaxy
40 in stock

Elegant Lighting V2036D20C/RC

MPN: V2036D20C/RC

Elegant Lighting V2036D20C/RC Mini Chandeliers Chrome Maxime
left 4 only
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