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Livex Lighting 5021GL

MPN: 5021GL

Livex 5021GL Lighting Shades Legacy
55 in stock

Livex Lighting 5023GL

MPN: 5023GL

Livex 5023GL Lighting Shades Legacy
50 in stock

Livex Lighting 5061GL

MPN: 5061GL

Livex 5061GL Lighting Shades Jefferson
273 in stock

Livex Lighting 5043GL

MPN: 5043GL

Livex 5043GL Lighting Shades Duchess
22 in stock

Livex Lighting 5065GL

MPN: 5065GL

Livex 5065GL Lighting Shades Jefferson
left 18 only

Quorum Lighting 2943

MPN: 2943

Quorum Lighting 2943 Lighting Shades Faux Alabaster Signature
893 in stock

Quorum Lighting 2801

MPN: 2801

Quorum Lighting 2801 Lighting Shades Clear Signature
430 in stock

Quorum Lighting 2814

MPN: 2814

Quorum Lighting 2814 Lighting Shades Faux Brown Alabaster Signature
154 in stock

Savoy House Lighting GL232

MPN: GL232

Savoy House Lighting GL232 Lighting Shades White Ribbed Frost Signature
500 in stock

Access Lighting 23118-WAMB

MPN: 23118-WAMB

Access Lighting 23118-WAMB Lighting Shades Inari Silk
99 in stock

Access Lighting 89119-COB

MPN: 89119-COB

Access Lighting 89119-COB Lighting Shades Mania
94 in stock

Access Lighting 932V-PLM


Access Lighting 932V-PLM Lighting Shades Anari Silk
77 in stock

Access Lighting 941RJ-BDY


Access Lighting 941RJ-BDY Lighting Shades Fire
94 in stock

Access Lighting 979WJ-REDLN


Access Lighting 979WJ-REDLN Lighting Shades Sphere
232 in stock

Fanimation Fans G235

MPN: G235

Fanimation Fans G235 Lighting Shades Tropical Etched Signature
198 in stock

Fanimation Fans G244

MPN: G244

Fanimation Fans G244 Lighting Shades Aged Bronze and Amber Signature
173 in stock

Elk Lighting 999-1

MPN: 999-1

Elk 999-1 Mix n match Lighting Shades 5in 1-light
24 in stock

Elk Lighting 999-4

MPN: 999-4

Elk 999-4 Mix n match Lighting Shades 6in 1-light
left 5 only

World of Lamp WLA11916

MPN: WLA11916

Lighting Shades 1 Light With Warm Antiqued Finish Glass Material Medium 6" 75 W
62 in stock

Quorum Lighting 2900

MPN: 2900

Quorum 2900 Signature Lighting Shades 6in
left 3 only

Livex Lighting S316

MPN: S316

Livex S316 Chandelier shade Lighting Shades 3in 12-light
left 8 only

Livex Lighting S328

MPN: S328

Livex S328 Chandelier shade Lighting Shades 3in 19-light
1494 in stock

Livex Lighting S274

MPN: S274

Livex S274 Chandelier shade Lighting Shades 3in 12-light
155 in stock

Livex Lighting S315

MPN: S315

Livex S315 Chandelier shade Lighting Shades 3in 8-light
193 in stock
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