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Innovations Lighting M8-SN


Innovations Lighting M8-SN Lighting Shades Brushed Satin Nickel Steel/Brass Smithfield
left 10 only

Craftmade M12CH


Craftmade M12CH Lighting Shades Chrome Steel Design-A-Fixture
83 in stock

Cal Lighting SH-1361

MPN: SH-1361

Cal Lighting SH-1361 Lighting Shades Cream Fabric Drum
76 in stock

Cal Lighting SH-8104/18-CM

MPN: SH-8104/18-CM

Cal Lighting SH-8104/18-CM Lighting Shades Champagne Fabric/Metal Bell
83 in stock

Cal Lighting SH-7048

MPN: SH-7048

Cal Lighting SH-7048 Lighting Shades Silk Silk Signature
60 in stock

Livex Lighting 5021GL

MPN: 5021GL

Livex 5021GL Lighting Shades Legacy
55 in stock

Livex Lighting 5023GL

MPN: 5023GL

Livex 5023GL Lighting Shades Legacy
49 in stock

Livex Lighting 5061GL

MPN: 5061GL

Livex 5061GL Lighting Shades Jefferson
271 in stock

Livex Lighting 5043GL

MPN: 5043GL

Livex 5043GL Lighting Shades Duchess
22 in stock

Livex Lighting 5065GL

MPN: 5065GL

Livex 5065GL Lighting Shades Jefferson
left 16 only

Quorum Lighting 2747

MPN: 2747

Quorum 2747 Signature Lighting Shades 4in Siler Mercury
383 in stock

Elk Lighting 999-4

MPN: 999-4

Elk 999-4 Mix n match Lighting Shades 6in 1-light
126 in stock

Quorum Lighting 2900

MPN: 2900

Quorum 2900 Signature Lighting Shades 6in
989 in stock

Access Lighting 937IT-MTL


Access 937IT-MTL Cavo Lighting Shades
30 in stock

Livex Lighting 89990

MPN: 89990

Livex 89990 Shade Display Tree Lighting Shades
70 in stock

Crystorama Lighting 2SH


Crystorama 2SH alexis Lighting Shades 5in Cream Fabric
113 in stock

Crystorama Lighting 26SH-RED


Crystorama 26SH-RED Mini shade Lighting Shades 5in Red Fabric
62 in stock

Livex Lighting GL1073

MPN: GL1073

Livex GL1073 Lighting Shades 5in N/A
471 in stock

Access Lighting 969ST-AMB


Access 969ST-AMB Cone Lighting Shades
131 in stock

Access Lighting 969ST-OPL


Access 969ST-OPL Cone Lighting Shades
800 in stock

Access Lighting 979WJ-WHTLN


Access 979WJ-WHTLN Sphere Lighting Shades
left 11 only

Access Lighting 23112-OPL

MPN: 23112-OPL

Access 23112-OPL Inari silk Lighting Shades
295 in stock

Access Lighting 23112-PLM

MPN: 23112-PLM

Access 23112-PLM Inari silk Lighting Shades
88 in stock

Access Lighting 23130-RED

MPN: 23130-RED

Access 23130-RED Inari silk Lighting Shades
103 in stock
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