Thomas Lighting Harmony Collection

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Thomas Lighting SL869278

MPN: SL869278

Thomas SL869278 Harmony Flush Mounts 13in Brushed Nickel 2-light
6835 in stock

Thomas Lighting SL866262

MPN: SL866262

Thomas SL866262 Harmony Flush Mounts 16in Aged Bronze 2-light
59 in stock

Thomas Lighting SL760362

MPN: SL760362

Thomas SL760362 Harmony Wall Sconces 24in Aged Bronze 3-light
58 in stock

Thomas Lighting SL880162

MPN: SL880162

Thomas SL880162 Harmony Chandeliers 26in Aged Bronze 5-light
23 in stock

Thomas Lighting SL760262

MPN: SL760262

Thomas SL760262 Harmony Wall Sconces 16in Aged Bronze 2-light
left 4 only

Thomas Lighting SL824662

MPN: SL824662

Thomas SL824662 Harmony Pendants 21in Aged Bronze 3-light
left 19 only

Thomas Lighting SL880262

MPN: SL880262

Thomas SL880262 Harmony Chandeliers 31in Aged Bronze 9-light
left 12 only

Thomas Lighting SL825662

MPN: SL825662

Thomas SL825662 Harmony Pendants 7in Aged Bronze 1-light
96 in stock

Thomas Lighting SL760341

MPN: SL760341

Thomas SL760341 Harmony Wall Sconces 24in Satin Pewter 3-light
left 7 only

Thomas Lighting SL880341

MPN: SL880341

Thomas SL880341 Harmony Chandeliers 20in Satin Pewter 3-light
89 in stock

Thomas Lighting SL880241

MPN: SL880241

Thomas SL880241 Harmony Chandeliers 31in Satin Pewter 9-light
34 in stock

Thomas Lighting SL760441

MPN: SL760441

Thomas SL760441 Harmony Wall Sconces 32in Satin Pewter 4-light
20 in stock

Thomas Lighting SL880362

MPN: SL880362

Thomas SL880362 Harmony Chandeliers 20in Aged Bronze 3-light
left 3 only

Thomas Lighting SL760241

MPN: SL760241

Thomas SL760241 Harmony Wall Sconces 16in Satin Pewter 2-light
372 in stock

Thomas Lighting SL824641

MPN: SL824641

Thomas SL824641 Harmony Pendants 21in Satin Pewter 3-light
55 in stock

Thomas Lighting SL866241

MPN: SL866241

Thomas SL866241 Harmony Flush Mounts 16in Satin Pewter 2-light

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