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Elegant Lighting 1130D25PN/RC

MPN: 1130D25PN/RC

Elegant 1130D25PN/RC Urban classic Pendants 25in Polished nickel 6-light
103 in stock

Elegant Lighting 1130G43PN/RC

MPN: 1130G43PN/RC

Elegant 1130G43PN/RC Urban classic Pendants 44in Polished nickel 18-light
120 in stock

Elegant Lighting 1130D32PN/RC

MPN: 1130D32PN/RC

Elegant 1130D32PN/RC Urban classic Pendants 32in Polished nickel 6-light
148 in stock

Elegant Lighting 1130FL24PN/RC

MPN: 1130FL24PN/RC

Elegant 1130FL24PN/RC Urban classic Table Lamps 24in Polished nickel 6-light
left 9 only

Elegant Lighting 1130D25RI/RC

MPN: 1130D25RI/RC

Elegant 1130D25RI/RC Urban classic Pendants 25in Rustic Intent 6-light
left 11 only

Elegant Lighting 1130TL21PN/RC

MPN: 1130TL21PN/RC

Elegant 1130TL21PN/RC Urban classic Lighting Accessories 22in Polished nickel
left 18 only

Elegant Lighting 1130G43RI/RC

MPN: 1130G43RI/RC

Elegant 1130G43RI/RC Urban classic Pendants 44in Rustic Intent 18-light
33 in stock

Elegant Lighting 1130TL21RI/RC

MPN: 1130TL21RI/RC

Elegant 1130TL21RI/RC Urban classic Lighting Accessories 22in Rustic Intent
left 11 only

Elegant Lighting 1130G60RI/RC

MPN: 1130G60RI/RC

Elegant 1130G60RI/RC Urban classic Pendants 60in Rustic Intent 25-light
left 14 only

Elegant Lighting 1201D20MB/RC

MPN: 1201D20MB/RC

Elegant 1201D20MB/RC Urban classic Pendants 20in Mocha Brown 9-light

Elegant Lighting 1201D32MB/RC

MPN: 1201D32MB/RC

Elegant 1201D32MB/RC Urban classic Pendants 32in Mocha Brown 17-light

Elegant Lighting 1130G60PN/RC

MPN: 1130G60PN/RC

Elegant 1130G60PN/RC Urban classic Pendants 60in Polished nickel 25-light

Elegant Lighting 1130FL24RI/RC

MPN: 1130FL24RI/RC

Elegant 1130FL24RI/RC Urban classic Table Lamps 24in Rustic Intent 6-light

Elegant Lighting 1130D32RI/RC

MPN: 1130D32RI/RC

Elegant 1130D32RI/RC Urban classic Pendants 32in Rustic Intent 6-light

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