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Vaxcel Lighting PD33088NS

MPN: PD33088NS

Vaxcel PD33088NS Lodge Pendants 18in Noachian Stone Poly Resin 4-light
left 11 only

Vaxcel Lighting T0131

MPN: T0131

Vaxcel T0131 Kingston Pendants 6in Textured Black Aluminum 1-light
left 3 only

Vaxcel Lighting T0112

MPN: T0112

Vaxcel T0112 Mayfly Pendants 8in Burnished Bronze Steel 1-light
left 15 only

Vaxcel Lighting PD53211SN

MPN: PD53211SN

Vaxcel PD53211SN Milano Pendants 16in Satin Nickel Steel 3-light
left 8 only

Vaxcel Lighting T0122

MPN: T0122

Vaxcel T0122 Preston Pendants 10in Brushed Copper Steel 3-light
left 11 only

Vaxcel Lighting P0200

MPN: P0200

Vaxcel P0200 Juliet Pendants 12in Satin Nickel Steel 3-light
30 in stock

Vaxcel Lighting ED-ODD090TB


Vaxcel ED-ODD090TB Edinburgh Pendants 9in Textured Black Steel 3-light
26 in stock

Vaxcel Lighting P0053

MPN: P0053

Vaxcel P0053 Concord Pendants 16in Oil Rubbed Bronze Steel 1-light
43 in stock

Vaxcel Lighting P0019

MPN: P0019

Vaxcel P0019 Solstice Pendants 26in Burnished Bronze Steel 6-light
left 5 only

Vaxcel Lighting P0131

MPN: P0131

Vaxcel P0131 630 Series Pendants 13in Antique Brass Steel 3-light
145 in stock

Vaxcel Lighting P0199

MPN: P0199

Vaxcel P0199 Juliet Pendants 18in Satin Nickel Steel 4-light
79 in stock

Vaxcel Lighting PD53212SN

MPN: PD53212SN

Vaxcel PD53212SN Milano Pendants 16in Satin Nickel Steel 3-light
40 in stock

Vaxcel Lighting T0135

MPN: T0135

Vaxcel T0135 Kingston Pendants 6in Textured White Aluminum 1-light
68 in stock

Vaxcel Lighting P0046

MPN: P0046

Vaxcel P0046 Novara Pendants 19in Aged Walnut Steel 3-light
46 in stock

Vaxcel Lighting WD-ODD090AA


Vaxcel WD-ODD090AA Woodland Pendants 9in Autumn Patina Steel 1-light
25 in stock

Vaxcel Lighting P0268

MPN: P0268

Pendants Satin Nickel Steel Huntley
left 15 only

Vaxcel Lighting P0237

MPN: P0237

Vaxcel Lighting P0237 Pendants Polished Nickel Steel Estelle
left 15 only

Vaxcel Lighting P0238

MPN: P0238

Vaxcel Lighting P0238 Pendants Natural Brass Steel Estelle
left 15 only

Vaxcel Lighting P0240

MPN: P0240

Vaxcel Lighting P0240 Pendants Satin Nickel Steel Elsa
left 15 only

Vaxcel Lighting P0249

MPN: P0249

Vaxcel Lighting P0249 Pendants Oil Rubbed Bronze Steel Mille
left 10 only

Vaxcel Lighting P0250

MPN: P0250

Vaxcel Lighting P0250 Pendants Oil Rubbed Bronze with Satin Nickel Steel Mille
left 10 only

Vaxcel Lighting P0102

MPN: P0102

Vaxcel P0102 Wicker Park Pendants 20in Warm Pewter Steel 4-light
left 13 only

Vaxcel Lighting P0103

MPN: P0103

Vaxcel P0103 Wicker Park Pendants 28in Warm Pewter Steel 6-light
39 in stock

Vaxcel Lighting P0192

MPN: P0192

Vaxcel P0192 Burnaby Pendants 21in Matte Brass Steel 4-light
left 15 only
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