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Vaxcel Lighting CH35403RBZ/B


Vaxcel CH35403RBZ/B Monrovia Chandeliers 23in Royal Bronze Steel 3-light
33 in stock

Vaxcel Lighting H0125

MPN: H0125

Vaxcel H0125 Grafton Chandeliers 25in Satin Nickel Steel 5-light
37 in stock

Vaxcel Lighting H0141

MPN: H0141

Vaxcel H0141 Avenant Chandeliers 32in French Bronze Poly Resin 5-light
23 in stock

Vaxcel Lighting H0168

MPN: H0168

Vaxcel H0168 Sorin Chandeliers 30in Architectural Bronze Steel 9-light
24 in stock

Vaxcel Lighting NC-CHU006GW


Vaxcel NC-CHU006GW Newcastle Chandeliers 27in Gilded White Gold Steel 6-light
52 in stock

Vaxcel Lighting CH30304A

MPN: CH30304A

Vaxcel CH30304A Standford Chandeliers 26in Antique Brass Steel 3-light
20 in stock

Vaxcel Lighting CH35412BN

MPN: CH35412BN

Vaxcel CH35412BN Monrovia Chandeliers 38in Brushed Nickel Steel 12-light
left 17 only

Vaxcel Lighting H0127

MPN: H0127

Vaxcel H0127 Grafton Chandeliers 29in Satin Nickel Steel 9-light
71 in stock

Vaxcel Lighting H0134

MPN: H0134

Vaxcel H0134 Grafton Chandeliers 10in Oil Rubbed Bronze Steel 3-light
52 in stock

Vaxcel Lighting P0127

MPN: P0127

Vaxcel P0127 Glendale Chandeliers 16in Satin Nickel Steel 6-light
95 in stock

Vaxcel Lighting H0126

MPN: H0126

Vaxcel H0126 Grafton Chandeliers 25in Oil Rubbed Bronze Steel 5-light
35 in stock

Vaxcel Lighting H0159

MPN: H0159

Vaxcel H0159 Vail Chandeliers 32in White Polished Nickel Steel 6-light
73 in stock

Vaxcel Lighting H0132

MPN: H0132

Vaxcel H0132 Grafton Chandeliers 23in Oil Rubbed Bronze Steel 3-light
left 15 only

Vaxcel Lighting H0007

MPN: H0007

Vaxcel H0007 Jamestown Chandeliers 28in Parisian Bronze Steel 4-light
79 in stock

Vaxcel Lighting CH30304BN

MPN: CH30304BN

Vaxcel CH30304BN Standford Chandeliers 26in Brushed Nickel Steel 3-light
left 12 only

Vaxcel Lighting H0117

MPN: H0117

Vaxcel H0117 Descartes Ii Chandeliers 31in Architectural Bronze Steel 9-light
left 7 only

Vaxcel Lighting H0102

MPN: H0102

Vaxcel H0102 Calais Chandeliers 24in Steel 5-light
26 in stock

Vaxcel Lighting CH35909AZ/B

MPN: CH35909AZ/B

Vaxcel CH35909AZ/B Mont Blanc Chandeliers 32in Aztec Bronze Steel 9-light
142 in stock

Vaxcel Lighting H0128

MPN: H0128

Vaxcel H0128 Grafton Chandeliers 29in Oil Rubbed Bronze Steel 9-light
80 in stock

Vaxcel Lighting H0047

MPN: H0047

Vaxcel H0047 Marina Bay Chandeliers 24in Polished Nickel Steel 3-light
60 in stock

Vaxcel Lighting H0129

MPN: H0129

Vaxcel H0129 Grafton Chandeliers 36in Satin Nickel Steel 12-light
74 in stock

Vaxcel Lighting H0130

MPN: H0130

Vaxcel H0130 Grafton Chandeliers 36in Oil Rubbed Bronze Steel 12-light
70 in stock

Vaxcel Lighting H0087

MPN: H0087

Vaxcel H0087 Darby Chandeliers 36in Steel 12-light
left 18 only

Vaxcel Lighting H0099

MPN: H0099

Vaxcel H0099 Calais Chandeliers 24in Steel 5-light
left 19 only
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