Troy Lighting Wall Sconces

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Troy Lighting B5421

MPN: B5421

Troy B5421 Mccoy Wall Sconces 10in Vintage Bronze Hand Worked Iron 1-light
111 in stock

Troy Lighting B6221

MPN: B6221

Troy Lighting B6221 Wall Sconces Textured Black Hand-Worked Iron / Glass Ellio
51 in stock

Troy Lighting B6201

MPN: B6201

Troy Lighting B6201 Wall Sconces Gunmetal with Smoked Chrome Hand-Worked Iron
24 in stock

Troy Lighting B6392

MPN: B6392

Troy Lighting B6392 Wall Sconces Dark Bronze with Brushed Brass Hand-Worked Ir
85 in stock

Troy Lighting B5051

MPN: B5051

Troy B5051 Wall Sconces Atkins Centennial Rust Hand-Forged Iron 1 Light 16 inch
73 in stock

Troy Lighting B3812

MPN: B3812

Troy B3812 Wall Sconces Conduit Old Silver Hand-Worked Iron Wall 2 Light 9 inch
left 18 only

Troy Lighting B3131

MPN: B3131

Troy B3131 Wall Sconce Menlo Park Old Silver With Wrought Iron 1 Light 9 inches
155 in stock

Troy Lighting B5101

MPN: B5101

Troy B5101 Dixon Wall Sconces 5in Vintage Bronze Solid Aluminum 1-light
82 in stock

Troy Lighting B6211

MPN: B6211

Troy Lighting B6211 Wall Sconces Carbide Black with Polished Nickel Hand-Worke
left 14 only

Troy Lighting B6321

MPN: B6321

Troy Lighting B6321 Wall Sconces Textured Black with Polished Nickel Hand-Work
133 in stock

Troy Lighting B3832

MPN: B3832

Troy B3832 Atlas Wall Sconces 12in Aged Pewter 2-light
73 in stock

Troy Lighting B6312

MPN: B6312

Troy Lighting B6312 Wall Sconces Textured Bronze with Brushed Brass Hand-Worke
63 in stock

Troy Lighting B6393

MPN: B6393

Troy Lighting B6393 Wall Sconces Dark Bronze with Brushed Brass Hand-Worked Ir
left 2 only

Troy Lighting B3971

MPN: B3971

Troy B3971 Wall Sconce Menlo Park Deep Bronze Iron Brass Wall 1 Light 10 inches
57 in stock

Troy Lighting B2822

MPN: B2822

Troy B2822 Wall Sconce Prism Graphite Hand-Worked Wrought Iron 1 Light 7 inches
34 in stock

Troy Lighting B5052

MPN: B5052

Troy B5052 Atkins Wall Sconces 8in Centennial Rust 1-light
48 in stock

Troy Lighting B6271

MPN: B6271

Troy Lighting B6271 Wall Sconces Carbide Black with Polished Nickel Hand-Worke
82 in stock

Troy Lighting B6533

MPN: B6533

Troy Lighting B6533 Wall Sconces Polished Stainless Hand-Worked Iron / Glass B
left 15 only

Troy Lighting B2882

MPN: B2882

Troy B2882 Adirondack Wall Sconces 19in 2-light
25 in stock

Troy Lighting B2462FB

MPN: B2462FB

Troy B2462FB Palladium Wall Sconces 8in 2-light
28 in stock

Troy Lighting B2711

MPN: B2711

Troy B2711 Wall Sconce Lyon Painted Metal Burnt Sienna Forge Iron 1Light 5 inch
left 11 only

Troy Lighting B5361

MPN: B5361

Troy B5361 Wall Sconce Viola Distressed Gold Leaf Hand Work Iron 1 Light 9 inch
left 7 only

Troy Lighting B6391

MPN: B6391

Troy Lighting B6391 Wall Sconces Dark Bronze with Brushed Brass Hand-Worked Ir
87 in stock

Troy Lighting B6472

MPN: B6472

Troy Lighting B6472 Wall Sconces Vintage Bronze Hand-Worked Iron / Glass Genea
left 19 only
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