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Troy Lighting P4515

MPN: P4515

Troy P4515 Lighting Accessories Old Trail Aluminum Candelabra 3 Light 12 inches
left 5 only

Troy Lighting P4435

MPN: P4435

Troy P4435 Lighting Accessories Charlemagne Aged Pewter Hand Iron 3-light 11 in
left 1 only

Troy Lighting P9394OR

MPN: P9394OR

Troy P9394OR Lighting Accessories South street Old Rust Hand Iron 1-light 24 in
left 13 only

Troy Lighting P9475FBK


Troy P9475FBK Lighting Accessories Scarsdale Black Hand Forge Iron 4Light 31 in
left 8 only

Troy Lighting PM4945FBK


Troy PM4945FBK Post eal smt Lighting Accessories 6in
left 15 only

Troy Lighting PM4945NB


Troy PM4945NB Post eal smt Lighting Accessories 6in
left 15 only

Troy Lighting PM4945NB-A


Troy PM4945NB-A Post eal smt Lighting Accessories 6in
left 15 only

Troy Lighting P2355WB

MPN: P2355WB

Troy P2355WB Lighting Accessories Markham Bronze Hand Forged Iron 3-light 13 in
left 13 only

Troy Lighting P2965

MPN: P2965

Troy P2965 Lighting Accessories French Quarter Pewter Forged Iron 4-light 13 in
36 in stock

Troy Lighting P1464AI

MPN: P1464AI

Troy P1464AI Lighting Accessories Andersons Aged Hand Forged Iron 1-light 10 in
left 4 only

Troy Lighting PCD8972NB


Troy PCD8972NB Lighting Accessories Dover Natural Bronze Hand Iron 1Light 12 in
26 in stock

Troy Lighting PF8972NB


Troy PF8972NB Dover Lighting Accessories 12in 1-light
left 15 only

Troy Lighting PIH6911OB


Troy PIH6911OB Outdoor Posts Highland Park Bronze Solid Brass 1-light 22 inches
left 3 only

Troy Lighting P2015CI

MPN: P2015CI

Troy P2015CI Lighting Accessories Henry Street Colonial Forge Iron 3Light 22 in
left 6 only

Troy Lighting P9252NB

MPN: P9252NB

Troy P9252NB Lighting Accessories Aspen Natural Bronze Hand Forge 1-light 18 in
left 19 only

Troy Lighting P9496EB

MPN: P9496EB

Troy P9496EB Dorchester Lighting Accessories 15in 3-light
left 11 only

Troy Lighting P5006CB

MPN: P5006CB

Troy P5006CB Campanile Lighting Accessories 17in 3-light
left 15 only

Troy Lighting P9364NB

MPN: P9364NB

Troy P9364NB Old town Lighting Accessories 21in 1-light

Troy Lighting P9006OBZ


Troy P9006OBZ Newton Lighting Accessories 13in 3-light
left 15 only

Troy Lighting P3684

MPN: P3684

Troy P3684 Lighting Accessories Mendocino Black Hand-Worked Iron 3Light 15 inch
left 6 only

Troy Lighting P2375OI

MPN: P2375OI

Troy P2375OI Lighting Accessories Los Olivos Old Hand Forged Iron 3-light 14 in
left 14 only

Troy Lighting P3575

MPN: P3575

Troy P3575 Lighting Accessories Little Harbor Brass Forged Black 1Light 16 inch
21 in stock

Troy Lighting P9626NB

MPN: P9626NB

Troy P9626NB Townsend Lighting Accessories 16in 4-light
24 in stock

Troy Lighting P4355

MPN: P4355

Troy P4355 Lighting Accessories Pearl Street Charred Zinc Aluminum 1Light 12 in
left 7 only
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