Eglo Lighting Semi Flush

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Eglo Lighting 201638A

MPN: 201638A

Eglo 201638A Cisterno Semi Flush 3in Chrome Stainless Steel Plastic 5-light
left 8 only

Eglo Lighting 89076A

MPN: 89076A

Eglo 89076A Loke Semi Flush 10in Brushed Aluminum Aluminium Steel 2-light
left 3 only

Eglo Lighting 201639A

MPN: 201639A

Eglo 201639A Cisterno Semi Flush 3in Chrome Stainless Steel Plastic 6-light
20 in stock

Eglo Lighting 92711A

MPN: 92711A

Eglo 92711A Ellera Semi Flush 13in Chrome 2-light
47 in stock

Eglo Lighting 92713A

MPN: 92713A

Eglo 92713A Ellera Semi Flush 22in Chrome 2-light
left 10 only

Eglo Lighting 92712A

MPN: 92712A

Eglo 92712A Ellera Semi Flush 17in Chrome 2-light
left 13 only

Eglo Lighting 89075A

MPN: 89075A

Eglo 89075A Loke Semi Flush 6in Brushed Aluminum Aluminium Steel 1-light
25 in stock

Eglo Lighting 88897A

MPN: 88897A

Eglo 88897A Drim Semi Flush White 3-light
21 in stock

Eglo Lighting 86915A

MPN: 86915A

Eglo 86915A Scorpi Semi Flush Chrome 12-light
left 9 only

Eglo Lighting 88896A

MPN: 88896A

Eglo 88896A Drim Semi Flush White 2-light
left 8 only

Eglo Lighting 202789A

MPN: 202789A

Eglo Lighting 202789A Semi Flush Matte Bronze Steel Mayiew
68 in stock

Eglo Lighting 202904A

MPN: 202904A

Eglo Lighting 202904A Semi Flush Graphite Steel Mayiew
57 in stock

Eglo Lighting 203484A

MPN: 203484A

Semi Flush Polished Nickel Steel Sonora
38 in stock

Eglo Lighting 203485A

MPN: 203485A

Semi Flush Bronze Steel Sonora
left 1 only

Eglo Lighting 96968A

MPN: 96968A

Semi Flush White and Chrome Steel/Plastic Olindra
52 in stock

Eglo Lighting 97903A

MPN: 97903A

Semi Flush White Steel Staiti
43 in stock

Eglo Lighting 97904A

MPN: 97904A

Semi Flush Black Steel Staiti
52 in stock

Eglo Lighting 203982A

MPN: 203982A

Semi Flush Oil Rubbed Bronze Steel/Glass Vlacker
95 in stock

Eglo Lighting 203983A

MPN: 203983A

Semi Flush Chrome Steel/Glass Vlacker
97 in stock

Eglo Lighting 202849A

MPN: 202849A

Eglo Lighting 202849A Semi Flush Matte Bronze Steel Wymer
145 in stock

Eglo Lighting 202851A

MPN: 202851A

Eglo Lighting 202851A Semi Flush Zinc Steel Wymer

Eglo Lighting 97895A

MPN: 97895A

Semi Flush Black with Gold Interior Steel Staiti

Eglo Lighting 204029A

MPN: 204029A

Semi Flush Steel/Glass Maragall
48 in stock

Eglo Lighting 204031A

MPN: 204031A

Semi Flush Steel/Glass Maragall
50 in stock
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