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Dimond Lighting 1141-033

MPN: 1141-033

Dimond 1141-033 Gallery Wall Sconces 6in Gold Leaf Metal Stone 1-light
left 6 only

Dimond Lighting 1142-014

MPN: 1142-014

Dimond 1142-014 Orchestra Wall Sconces 9in Gold Leaf Metal Marble 1-light
left 8 only

Dimond Lighting 1141-029

MPN: 1141-029

Dimond 1141-029 Waxley Wall Sconces 11in Antique Silver Leaf Metal 4-light
21 in stock

Dimond Lighting 1141-035

MPN: 1141-035

Dimond 1141-035 Gallery Wall Sconces 6in Gold Leaf Metal Stone 1-light
23 in stock

Dimond Lighting D3570

MPN: D3570

Dimond Lighting D3570 Wall Sconces Oil Rubbed Bronze and Antique Siler Metal Orion
left 9 only

Dimond Lighting D3562

MPN: D3562

Dimond Lighting D3562 Wall Sconces Antique Gold Metal Rock Crystal Massie Impact
58 in stock

Dimond Lighting D3569

MPN: D3569

Dimond Lighting D3569 Wall Sconces Polished Nickel and Clear Crystal Crystal Metal Ice Geist
left 10 only

Dimond Lighting D2988

MPN: D2988

Dimond D2988 Gruyere Wall Sconces 14in Antique Silver Mirror Metal 1-light
left 9 only

Dimond Lighting D3873

MPN: D3873

Wall Sconces 1 Light With Brown Grey Rust Grey Washed Wood Mahogany 14" 60 Watt
left 8 only

Dimond Lighting D3686

MPN: D3686

Dimond Lighting D3686 Wall Sconces Grey Marble and Aged Brass Marble/Metal Lon
30 in stock

Dimond Lighting D3689

MPN: D3689

Dimond Lighting D3689 Wall Sconces Clear and Aged Brass Glass/Metal Melt Down
32 in stock

Dimond Lighting D3690

MPN: D3690

Dimond Lighting D3690 Wall Sconces White and Aged Brass Alabaster/Metal Annees
left 13 only

Dimond Lighting D3999

MPN: D3999

Wall Sconces Aged Wood with Weathered Zinc Crystal/Fir Wood/Metal Renaissance Invention
21 in stock

Dimond Lighting D4168

MPN: D4168

Wall Sconces Antique Silver with Satin Brass Metal Encore
24 in stock

Dimond Lighting D4203

MPN: D4203

Wall Sconces Polished Nickel Glass/Metal Precious
left 14 only

Dimond Lighting D4214

MPN: D4214

Wall Sconces Matte White Metal White Nile
left 15 only

Dimond Lighting D4296

MPN: D4296

Wall Sconces Chrome Glass/Metal Diplomat
left 19 only

Dimond Lighting D4245

MPN: D4245

Wall Sconces Antique Brass Glass/Metal Brass Tear
72 in stock

Dimond Lighting D4353

MPN: D4353

Wall Sconces White and Gold Alabaster/Metal Stonewall
left 2 only

Dimond Lighting 1124-004

MPN: 1124-004

Dimond 1124-004 Holepunch Wall Sconces 12in Gold Leaf Metal 2-light

Dimond Lighting D3319

MPN: D3319

Dimond D3319 Big Sky Wall Sconces 15in White Composite 2-light

Dimond Lighting 1114-336

MPN: 1114-336

Dimond Lighting 1114-336 Wall Sconces Mirror Mirror Oheka
30 in stock

Dimond Lighting 1141-077

MPN: 1141-077

Dimond Lighting 1141-077 Wall Sconces Oiled Bronze with Gold Leaf Metal On Str

Dimond Lighting 1141-085

MPN: 1141-085

Dimond Lighting 1141-085 Wall Sconces Brushed Slate Glass/Metal Airesse
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