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Craftmade 37743-SN

MPN: 37743-SN

Craftmade 37743-SN Pendants Satin Nickel Steel Almeda
left 12 only

Craftmade 47593-CH-LED

MPN: 47593-CH-LED

Craftmade 47593-CH-LED Pendants Chrome Steel/Glass Lexi
left 11 only

Craftmade 44492-FSSB

MPN: 44492-FSSB

Craftmade 44492-FSSB Pendants Fired Steel and Satin Brass Steel/Linen Parker
59 in stock

Craftmade 44491-FSSB

MPN: 44491-FSSB

Craftmade 44491-FSSB Pendants Fired Steel and Satin Brass Steel/Linen Parker
left 10 only

Craftmade 42724-CH-LED

MPN: 42724-CH-LED

Craftmade 42724-CH-LED Pendants Chrome Steel/Acrylic Anillo
left 9 only

Craftmade 43543-ABZ

MPN: 43543-ABZ

Craftmade 43543-ABZ Pendants Aged Bronze Brushed Steel Clarendon
left 8 only

Craftmade 46793-PLNWF

MPN: 46793-PLNWF

Craftmade 46793-PLNWF Pendants Polished Nickel and Weathered Fir Steel Jasmine
28 in stock

Craftmade 48493-GLD

MPN: 48493-GLD

Craftmade 48493-GLD Pendants Gold Roxx
left 1 only

Craftmade 36545-PLNGRW


Craftmade 36545-PLNGRW Pendants Polished Nickel and Greywood Metal/Wood/Resin
76 in stock

Craftmade 47599-CH-LED

MPN: 47599-CH-LED

Craftmade 47599-CH-LED Pendants Chrome Steel/Glass Lexi
115 in stock

Craftmade 40243-AO

MPN: 40243-AO

Craftmade 40243-AO Pendants Athenian Obol Steel Gabriella
33 in stock

Craftmade 36536-PLNGRW


Craftmade 36536-PLNGRW Pendants Polished Nickel and Greywood Metal/Wood/Resin
91 in stock

Craftmade 36543-PLNGRW


Craftmade 36543-PLNGRW Pendants Polished Nickel and Greywood Metal/Wood/Resin
62 in stock

Craftmade P842MRG-LED


Craftmade P842MRG-LED Pendants Mirrored Rose Gold Signature
117 in stock

Craftmade P915ESP1


Craftmade P915ESP1 Pendants Espresso Straw Woen
left 4 only

Craftmade 36545-TBWB

MPN: 36545-TBWB

Craftmade 36545-TBWB Pendants Textured Black and Whiskey Barrel Metal/Wood Ash
left 8 only

Craftmade 37196-MBKG

MPN: 37196-MBKG

Craftmade 37196-MBKG Pendants Matte Black Gilded Steel Blacksmith
26 in stock

Craftmade 44694-SB

MPN: 44694-SB

Craftmade 44694-SB Pendants Satin Brass Steel/Linen Ella
80 in stock

Craftmade 47595-CH-LED

MPN: 47595-CH-LED

Craftmade 47595-CH-LED Pendants Chrome Steel/Glass Lexi
68 in stock

Craftmade 46130-CH-LED

MPN: 46130-CH-LED

Craftmade 46130-CH-LED Pendants Chrome Steel/Acrylic Balance
47 in stock

Craftmade 22023-FM

MPN: 22023-FM

Craftmade 22023-FM Pendants Forged Metal Steel Sheridan
42 in stock

Craftmade 36536-TBWB

MPN: 36536-TBWB

Craftmade 36536-TBWB Pendants Textured Black and Whiskey Barrel Metal/Wood Ash
52 in stock

Craftmade 48094-PLN

MPN: 48094-PLN

Craftmade 48094-PLN Pendants Polished Nickel Brass/Glass/Fabric Deran
34 in stock

Craftmade 48491-GLD

MPN: 48491-GLD

Craftmade 48491-GLD Pendants Gold Roxx
left 3 only
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