Allegri Island Lighting

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Allegri 034861-046-FR001

MPN: 034861-046-FR001

Allegri 034861-046-FR001 Island Lighting Polish Nickel Steel and Crystal Athen
left 2 only

Allegri 030251-010

MPN: 030251-010

Allegri 030251-010 Island Lighting Polished Chrome Glacier
left 7 only

Allegri 036160-052-FR001

MPN: 036160-052-FR001

Allegri 036160-052-FR001 Island Lighting Matte Black Steel/Crystal Joni
left 1 only

Allegri 034760-010-FR001

MPN: 034760-010-FR001

Allegri 034760-010-FR001 Island Lighting Chrome Steel Pandoro
left 3 only

Allegri 034960-038-FR001

MPN: 034960-038-FR001

Allegri 034960-038-FR001 Island Lighting Brushed Champagne Gold Steel Apollo
left 3 only

Allegri 035560-010-FR001

MPN: 035560-010-FR001

Allegri 035560-010-FR001 Island Lighting Chrome Steel and Crystal Lina
left 6 only

Allegri 033260-014-FR001

MPN: 033260-014-FR001

Allegri 033260-014-FR001 Island Lighting Polished Siler Steel and Crystal Kast
left 2 only

Allegri 030252-038

MPN: 030252-038

Allegri 030252-038 Island Lighting Brushed Champagne Gold Stainless Steel and
left 5 only

Allegri 035760-010-FR001

MPN: 035760-010-FR001

Allegri 035760-010-FR001 Island Lighting Chrome Steel/Crystal Aries
left 3 only

Allegri 027760-010-FR001

MPN: 027760-010-FR001

Allegri 027760-010-FR001 Island Lighting Chrome Cast Solid Brass Cosimo
left 3 only

Allegri 033060-010-FR001

MPN: 033060-010-FR001

Allegri 033060-010-FR001 Island Lighting Chrome Stainless Steel Fonseca
left 9 only

Allegri 11198-010-FR001

MPN: 11198-010-FR001

Allegri 11198-010-FR001 Island Lighting Chrome Laser Cut Steel Vermeer
left 7 only

Allegri 028951-010-FR001

MPN: 028951-010-FR001

Allegri 028951-010-FR001 Island Lighting Chrome Dolo
left 3 only

Allegri 11199-010-SE001

MPN: 11199-010-SE001

Allegri 11199-010-SE001 Island Lighting Chrome Vermeer
left 2 only

Allegri 036261-010-FR001

MPN: 036261-010-FR001

Allegri 036261-010-FR001 Island Lighting Chrome Steel Stainless/Steel/Crystal Cortina
left 7 only

Allegri 032052-010-FR001

MPN: 032052-010-FR001

Allegri 032052-010-FR001 Island Lighting Chrome Torre
left 6 only

Allegri 032053-010-FR001

MPN: 032053-010-FR001

Allegri 032053-010-FR001 Island Lighting Chrome Torre
left 7 only

Allegri 030250-038

MPN: 030250-038

Allegri 030250-038 Island Lighting Brushed Champagne Gold Stainless Steel and
left 16 only

Allegri 030251-038

MPN: 030251-038

Allegri 030251-038 Island Lighting Brushed Champagne Gold Stainless Steel and
left 6 only

Allegri 036361-039-FR001

MPN: 036361-039-FR001

Allegri 036361-039-FR001 Island Lighting Brushed Brass Steel Stainless Steel Crystal Saturno
left 8 only

Allegri 034960-010-FR001

MPN: 034960-010-FR001

Allegri 034960-010-FR001 Island Lighting Chrome Stainless Steel/Crystal Apollo
left 3 only

Allegri 034860-051-FR001

MPN: 034860-051-FR001

Allegri 034860-051-FR001 Island Lighting Matte Black with Polished Nickel Stainless Steel/Crystal Athena
left 10 only

Allegri 036160-010-FR001

MPN: 036160-010-FR001

Allegri 036160-010-FR001 Island Lighting Chrome Steel/Crystal Joni
left 2 only

Allegri 035761-010-FR001

MPN: 035761-010-FR001

Allegri 035761-010-FR001 Island Lighting Chrome Steel/Crystal Aries
left 1 only
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