Artcraft Lighting

Artcraft Lighting Corporation is one of the pioneering business dealers of lighting fixtures and products in the market. They are known for the commercial introduction of the fluorescent lamp and the popular World Fair held in 1939 that showcased hidden showcase light products worldwide. With this feat, Artcraft Lighting is coined as the ‘Cadillac’ of the lighting industry. For over six decades, they provide various lighting products and devices such as chandeliers, bathroom vanities, floor lamps, islands, flush mouths, pendants, tracks, lanterns, wall brackets, urns and table lamps. Lighting fixtures come in various shapes and sizes, making your options almost unbounded. The greatest breakthrough in the lighting industry is the conception of fluorescent light. Fluorescent lighting provides positive benefits to the customers like lower functioning costs, emits more light using the same power input and less maintenance. Products from Artcraft Lighting Inc. can certainly offer a touch of style, elegance and modernization for all sorts of home interiors.

Artcraft Lighting Collections

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