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Livex Lighting S317

Livex S317 Chandelier shade Lighting Shades 3in 12-light
110 in stock

Livex Lighting S278

Livex S278 Chandelier shade Lighting Shades 3in 11-light
92 in stock

Access Lighting 23124-AMS

Access 23124-AMS Lighting Shades
160 in stock

Access Lighting 23112-WHST

Access 23112-WHST Inari silk Lighting Shades
167 in stock

Access Lighting 23123-AMBFB

Access 23123-AMBFB Firebird ostrich Lighting Shades
89 in stock

Access Lighting 23123-PLMFB

Access 23123-PLMFB Firebird ostrich Lighting Shades
33 in stock

Access Lighting 23128-OPM

Access 23128-OPM Primo Lighting Shades
left 16 only

Access Lighting 23130-AMB

Access 23130-AMB Inari silk Lighting Shades
727 in stock

Access Lighting 23133-BS/CLRD

Access 23133-BS/CLRD Gng Lighting Shades
342 in stock

Access Lighting 23104-WHT

Access 23104-WHT Inari silk Lighting Shades
123 in stock

Livex Lighting S341

Livex S341 Mendham Lighting Shades
left 10 only

Crystorama Lighting 1SH-SILVER

Crystorama 1SH-SILVER alexis Lighting Shades 5in Silver Fabric
383 in stock
SAVE 15%

World of Lighting WL2198

Shade Lighting With Fabric BeadLace Silver Crystal size 5in - World of Lighting
$40.00 $34.00
383 in stock

Crystorama Lighting 3SH

Crystorama 3SH alexis Lighting Shades 6in Black Fabric
127 in stock
SAVE 15%

World of Lighting WL2200

$40.00 $34.00
127 in stock

Access Lighting 959ST-FRA

Access 959ST-FRA French amber Lighting Shades
262 in stock

Access Lighting 976RJ-AMM

Access 976RJ-AMM Fleur Lighting Shades
29 in stock

Access Lighting 976RJ-OPL

Access 976RJ-OPL Fleur Lighting Shades
102 in stock

Access Lighting 980OPR-RRO

Access 980OPR-RRO Safari Lighting Shades
40 in stock

Livex Lighting S102

Livex S102 Chandelier shade Lighting Shades 3in 14-light
144 in stock

Access Lighting 89115-COB

Access 89115-COB Rumanian Hat Lighting Shades
left 15 only

Access Lighting 89120-FST

Access 89120-FST Globetrotter Lighting Shades
107 in stock

Access Lighting 23103-AMM

Access 23103-AMM Rain Lighting Shades
60 in stock

Access Lighting 942RJ-BDY

Access 942RJ-BDY Fire Lighting Shades 8in
135 in stock
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